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NZ Glacial Clay

NZ Glacial Clay is a premium skincare company supplying products into the retail and wholesale market segments, locally and internationally.

NZ Glacial Clay

NZ Glacial Clay is a premium skincare company supplying products into the retail and wholesale market segments, locally and internationally. The owners see themselves as custodians of a premium, New Zealand clay and its unique ingredient, Nontronite, which can be used to create very special products for the benefit of others. The brand focus is replacing synthetic ingredients for 100% natural alternatives, such as Nontronite clay, to elevate the performance, efficacy and sensorial profile of any product.

What overarching challenges were you looking for The Cosmetic Company to solve?

Nontronite is a premium ingredient found only in New Zealand, and our product needed to embrace this uniqueness.

We needed a skincare manufacturer not only with superb New Product Development expertise within a laboratory environment, but also to join us on the journey from a practical, hands-on perspective so they felt what our end user customers experienced.

As the saying goes, good things take time, and we were super impressed with the communication and engagement from their team, and high quality of the finished NZ Glacial Clay product.

What was important to you when choosing a contract manufacturing partner?

With the supply, logistics and reliability challenges arising from Covid and China port closures, we knew that the quality of each of our NZ based supplier relationships would be critical to our success.

It was reassuring that The Cosmetic Company is a New Zealand and family-owned business that has been operating for over 25 years. This gave us confidence that we were partnering with a professional and experienced partner who also has solid supplier networks.

Having recently acquired NZ Glacial Clay we are a small team, with limited resources, and were seeking more than just a transactional relationship; to achieve our growth and profit forecasts – fast! We sought a partner we could align with, and embed as part of our team - and who could scale with us!

What results have been gained in partnering with The Cosmetic Company?

The results are both tangible and intangible, with the latter not to be underestimated in my experience!

The confidence in knowing The Cosmetic Company has our back right through the contract manufacturing process from our ideation through to finished product has allowed us to focus on our core purpose and business – they understand us.

Each of our teams communicating really well has been a massive factor; whether it’s in a structured face to face meeting, online or having The Cosmetic Company contributing to new customer meeting content, this has been a real benefit.

Achieving strong commercial outcomes ahead of expectation, which include customers ranging our NZ Glacial Clay products into some of the most competitive retail environments in the world, has been awesome.

Would you recommend other companies like yours to partner with The Cosmetic Company?

Absolutely, they are a key part of our Pre-Market, Go To Market and Post-Market team and are experts at what they do.

Taking an idea and developing the idea into a branded finished product that resonates with our customers, and moves off the shelves, is part art and part science.

We are very happy we chose The Cosmetic Company.

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