You’ve got a great product and you need a manufacturing partner who can address all your needs

We are your specialists in premium, natural, and organic product development, and the use of sustainably sourced natural and organic ingredients. A full-service provider of innovative formulations, quality ingredients and manufacturing to support quicker time-to-market. Our rigorous processes and documentation are transparent to smooth your launch path, align your products with your desired business model and fulfill your manufacturing requirements.

We are proud members of Cosmetics NZ.

Research & Development

“Your R&D team must be up-to-date with cosmetic chemistry engineering processes, industry standards and the latest ingredients on the market.”

Creating personal care and cosmetic products is a team effort between you, our R&D team and raw material suppliers.  

At The Cosmetic Company our R&D team are committed to ongoing comprehensive research for your product formulation, and also conduct ongoing research for breakthroughs of the latest ingredients and market trends.  

Our product development team deals regularly with raw material suppliers, both domestic and international, to ensure we are on trend, and have the latest and best quality raw materials available for you.

You can rely on our research knowledge and expertise for the latest advances. We are proud members of the N.Z.S.C.C (New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Chemists).


“The success of your product demands the highest quality ingredients and advanced lab techniques to create your custom formulation.”

You’ve identified what your consumer needs, the claims you want your product to make and the ingredients you’d like to include and exclude.

Our chemists will work with you to fully understand your product and the intended benefits of your formulation, help you select key ingredients to optimise your products and create formulations exclusively for you, never duplicated for others.

• Custom formulation — your concept developed from scratch
• Reverse engineering — an existing product with a benchmark sample and ingredient deck
• Formulation enhancement — your existing formulation to be customised or even improved

Or you can also choose a formula from our Private Label —foundation range which is available off-the-shelf for your branded labelling. Our formulators also work within your budget to include ingredients that meet your price range.

Then we’ll provide samples so you can see and feel the product, trial it and give feedback. You’ll usually get samples in 2-3 weeks unless we need to source new or unique raw materials we don’t already hold in stock, particularly from our international suppliers.  

Once you approve your formula, we will provide you with a quote based on that, guide you through the testing requirements and provide ingredient declarations for labelling.


“Robust testing will help you confidently release your products in your chosen markets.”

Test your custom formulation to ensure stability and compatibility of your product in its final packaging. We can provide guidance on what testing is required for the markets you plan to enter. Depending on the tests required, testing can take 2-3 months.

We offer in house Stability testing, pH testing, and 3rd party referral for ISO accredited testing.

Stability Testing
Essential for custom formulations to ensure the product keeps its original form despite changes in temperature, light etc. Generally, 12-week testing is required to prove 2 years shelf life. Ideally this testing is also completed in the final packaging.

Preservative Efficiency Test (PET)
Typically for products that contain water as the test checks of bacteria / mould / yeast which can’t survive in an anhydrous environment. This test is basically a check that when exposed to these nasty things, nothing grows.

Challenge Test
Like the PET but not done according to British Pharmacopeia. The purpose of this test is to demonstrate the efficacy of the preservative system during the shelf and usage life of the product.


“Your product is headed for the big reveal, your packaging options are vast, and you want it to be attractive, optimised and on brand.”

We get that you want your product packaged the way you want it – to deliver a beautiful product that meets your consumers needs and is within current market trends.

If you’ve got a vision for your packaging, share it with us - or if you need some help finding the best solution we’ll work with you to determine optimal packaging for your product and introduce you to our packaging partners.

Bottles, pots, jars, tubes, swivels, boxes, sachets, pouches, sprays, cans, and drums can all be filled from tiny to large bulk containers – our facility caters for all shapes and sizes.

Once your chosen packaging is secured, let's discuss options for storage of it until you’re ready for it to be filled.

Product Manufacturing

"You’ll require a partner with capabilities to manufacture your required volumes and assure your product quality.”

We’ll make your product bulk to the highest standard (Cosmetics New Zealand GMP Certified to comply with ISO 22716).

Your product will be tested in our in-house laboratory (physical and chemical tests for visual appearance, odour, pH, density, and viscosity) and microbiological testing where required to ensure quality control.  

Filling and packing your product may be the last of our manufacturing processes, but it’s one of the most exacting things we do.

Bottles, pots, jars, tubes, swivels, boxes, sachets, pouches, sprays, cans and drums can all be filled from tiny to large bulk containers – our facility caters for all shapes and sizes.

And we’ll take care of other processes you might need like sealing, coding, labelling, shrink wrapping, boxing and palletising.  Then all you need to do is let us know where and when you want your products dispatched; locally, nationally or internationally.

Regulatory & Compliance

“Your product is ready to launch and you want regulatory & compliance expertise in local and global markets.”

Cosmetic formulation, manufacturing and marketing are becoming increasingly regulated globally – and this landscape is constantly changing.

Talk with us about your target markets. We can provide formulations that are compliant for NZ, AUS, EU, USA (FDA), Middle East, and Asia - and regulatory & compliance expertise to support your success in local and global markets.

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