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What is the process to develop a new product or range?

Create your own skin, hair, bath, body, home and toiletry products with four simple steps:

Step 1 - Brief
The first step is to make contact to discuss your new product by phone, or email. Tell us about your concept, share as many of your plans and ideas as possible, fill in a brief form and provide a benchmark sample if you have one. This helps us understand your vision, target market and product requirements. We’ll book a call with our R&D and sales team to set up a plan with you, answer any questions and quote your new product development (NPD) investment.

Remember to factor in your packaging lead times and any raw materials you might supply.

Step 2 - Formulate
Formulate with our experienced R&D lab using the latest ingredients in the market;
Custom formulation — your concept developed from scratch
Reverse engineering — an existing product with a benchmark sample and ingredient deck
Formulation enhancement — your existing formulation to be customised or even improved

Our formulators will help you select key ingredients to optimise your products and create custom formulas exclusively for you, never duplicated for others.

You can also choose a formula from our Private Label —foundation range which is available off-the-shelf for your branded labelling.

Then we’ll provide samples so you can see and feel the product, trial it and give feedback. You’ll usually get samples in 2-3 weeks unless we need to source new or unique raw materials we don’t already hold in stock, particularly from our international suppliers.

Once you approve your formula, we will provide you with a quote based on that.

Step 3 - Test
Test your custom formulation to ensure stability and compatibility of your product in its final packaging. We can provide guidance on what testing is required for the markets you plan to enter. Depending on the tests required, testing can take 2-3 months.

Step 4 - Make
Once the final product and pricing is confirmed you can place your order. Our full-service facility can manufacture, fill, and pack your product with a lead time of 6-8 weeks from receiving packaging and raw materials.

How are new formulations tested?

We offer in house Stability testing, pH testing, and 3rd party referral for ISO accredited testing.

Stability Testing
Essential for custom formulations to ensure the product keeps its original form despite changes in temperature, light etc. Generally, 12-week testing is required to prove 2 years shelf life. Ideally this testing is also completed in the final packaging.

Preservative Efficiency Test (PET)
Typically for products that contain water as the test checks of bacteria / mould / yeast which can’t survive in an anhydrous environment. This test is basically a check that when exposed to these nasty things, nothing grows.

Challenge Test
Like the PET but not done according to British Pharmacopeia. The purpose of this test is to demonstrate the efficacy of the preservative system during the shelf and usage life of the product. Fees are dependent on the tests required for the market your product will be distributed to. We can provide guidance on required testing.

What affects my new product development investment?

Your new product development (NPD) investment is affected by the scope of work for each formulation and the number of products being developed for you. This applies toward raw materials, finished samples for review, and lab time. (Note: shipping samples will be at your cost.) The NPD investment is waived once you are an established customer.


What types of products can you manufacture?

We’re in the business of creating the unique products that you need - from skin, hair, bath & body, oral, home to pet care - and everything in between.

Skin – Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturiser, Night Cream, Overnight Treatment, Cream, Gel, Lotion, Oil, Scrubs, Masks (Gel, Clay, Pouch), Ointment – including Baby/Children’s and Men’s skincare - Anti-Aging, Whitening, Brightening, Hydration, Active infused

Eye – Gel, Cream, Serum, Lash & Brow Enhancers, Eye mask (paste and paper mask)

Lip – Balm, Mask, Exfoliator, Oil

Hair – Conditioner, Leave-On Treatment, Masks, Cream, Oil, Shampoo, Serum, Styling Gel, Dry Shampoo

Bath & Body – Hand Cream, Hand wash, Bubble Bath, Body Wash, Body Butter, Body Scrub, Body Oil, Massage Oil, Deodorants, Shower Gel, Intimate Wash

Oral - Tooth Paste and Gel

Home – Essential Oils, Fragrance, Diffusers

Pet – Conditioner, Leave-On Treatment, Insect Repellent, Lotion, Oil, Shampoo

Specialty Registrations – Certified Natural, Certified Organic

Which manufacturing certifications do you hold?

We are New Zealand’s only manufacturer certified to produce Certified Organic products by ECOCERT and Certified Natural by COSMOS, helping you feel confident in our ingredients and processes bringing you the best from nature.

ECOCERT and COSMOS allows your organic or natural cosmetics to be commercialised worldwide and are internationally recognized standards that are understood and appreciated by consumers globally.


We are also Cosmetics New Zealand GMP Certified to comply with ISO 22716. This means that products we manufacture use processes and procedures set out by Cosmetics NZ and International Standard – ISO 22716 to ensure that products manufactured in our facility are made to the highest safety standards available to cosmetics manufacturers globally.

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‍In order to hold these certifications, rigorous regular audits of our premises, ingredients, systems and processes are completed.

How is pricing determined?

Once we have your brief, we can provide indicative pricing. Once the formula is approved and packaging finalised, you’ll receive a quote for final pricing. We also provide price breaks at specific quantities. Larger batch sizes create economies of scale, and we pass this on to you. Final pricing includes all raw materials, unless supplied by you, manufacture, filling, coding and packing – and other services if required such as labelling, boxing, shrink wrapping etc.

What is the minimum I can order?

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is determined by the specific details of your product (ingredients, product type, volume, packaging). Our minimums are 100kg for bulk product orders or as few as 1,000 units of some products, and the sky is the limit above this. Economies of scale mean we can provide price breaks at larger volumes or quantities.

How are manufactured products tested?

We test in our in house laboratory - physical and chemical tests for visual appearance, odour, pH, density, and viscosity.We also complete microbiological testing on all bulk manufactured prior to filling and on all finished product to ensure quality control.

What are the payment options?

A 50% deposit is required when you place your order before manufacturing starts, and the remaining balance is due on completion of your order before dispatch of your products. As we continue to do business together, a credit line can be set up on standard terms for established customers.

We accept direct transfer payments.

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